Aquacell Auto-Descaler

The Aquacell Auto-Descaler automatically
removes and discharges the scales attached to the heat exchangers and condensing/cooling equipments, using electrolysis with pole switching method instead of physical or chemical treatment.
It does not require shut-down or any other downtime during the new installation or maintenance.
Unlike physical and chemical methods for cleaning of pipes,tubing/piping materials of the heat exchanger are not damaged.
As it does not use chemicals, waste water and pollutants are not generated.
It automatically removes scales from the electrodes through the pole switching method.
There is neither damage to the pole plate nor downtime required during the descaling job.
Maintenance is easy, as it is an automatic system.
Process Chart of Treatment
The Change of Scales in the Refrigerant Pipes Befor/After Installing the Equipment
Automobile industries
Steel-making, Iron and Metal Production industries
Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Industries
Machinery Manufacture Industries
Resin & Emulsion Manufacturing Process

Analysis of Energy-Saving Mechanisms

Difference Derived by AEDS Content
Decrease in Required Condensing Pressure[-∆] P1→Pc2
Decrease in Required Conpressor Work[-∆GW] (h5-h3)→(h4-h3)
Increase in Refrigerating Effect[+∆r] (h3-h2)→(h3-h2)
Increase in COP
Descaling Effects
Conventional Methods Methods of Electrolysis
Physical/Chemical Methods Existing Methods Our Company's Method
Disadvantages Disadvantages Advantages
Shutdown of Related Facilities Shutdown for Scale Removal No Shutdown
Regular Cleaning Costs Peeling of Coated Electrode Automatic Drain of Scale
Decline in Productivity Plate Lifetime Shortening Extended Lifetime of Facilities(Compressor & Condenser)
Damage in Base Metal(Refrigerant Leakage) Risks of Wire Cutting on Anode Long-Time Cycle of Compressor Oil Change
Generation of Watsewater Decline of Efficiency on Plate Eco-Friendly : No Waste Water
Danger on Wastewater Difficulty Maintenance Easy Maintenance
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