Aquacell RO System

The Aquacell RO system has the best
filtration capability that can separate and treat the ionized minerals, organic matters, bacteria, and germs dissolved in water.
It has an excellent process performance by 88-99.8% for almost all of raw water supply.
It has a variety of applications including water purification equipment, wastewater reuse equipment, desalination equipment, etc.
Process design and scale-up is simple
The operation procedure is easy
It has less noise and vibration.
SWRO System
   (Sea Water Reverse Osmosis)
BWRO System
   (Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis)
Water treatment and waste water treatment
De-Ionized Water, Distilled Water, Seawater Desalination
Chemical industries
Pharmaceuticals industries
Surface treatment and mechanical industrial field
Treatment Capacity-Sea Water :
    Capacity of 100ton/day
Treatment Capacity-Sea Water :
    12ton/day, Brackish Water : 15ton/day
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