Aquacell Electrolysis Water Treatment System

The Aquacell electrolysis water treatment system
uses a technology purifying various levels of pollutants in water as well as sterilizing harmful microorganisms existing in water by generating strong oxidizing substances such as HOCℓ, OCℓ-, NaOCℓ, and ˚OH by the electrolysis of brine..
Continuous operation is possible, as it does not generate contaminants on the electrode surface.
No additional chemicals is required, as it sterilizes microorganisms with HOCℓ, OCℓ-, NaOCℓ, and ˚OH elements generated from
    the electrolysis. It has an excellent performance to remove ammonia in water.
It has an excellent performance to remove non-degradable organic compounds, color and odor in water.
Maintenance cost is low, less power consumption, easier operation.
Concept of the Electrolysis Water Treatment System
The Performance of the Electrolytic Water Treatment System
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Sterilization processes in desalination plants
Desulfurization and wastewater treatment systems in power plants
Food waste treatment and leachate treatment plant
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