Patent Information

Type Title of Invention Application No. Registration No.
Trademark Aquacell 2002-0030570 40-0566958
Trademark Putting Ball 2006-0048796 40-0711119
Utility Model Media for enhancing attachment and immobilization of microbes 2002-0019705 20-0289920
Design Microorganism culture for sewage/wastewater purification 2002-0019325 30-0329207
Design Golf Putting Practical target ball 2006-0042204 30-0455805
Patent The manufacturing process of media using zeolite for wastewater treatment 2003-0001252 10-0496269
Patent Process and apparatus for ammonia removal and disinfection in high density aquaculture system 2002-0026898 10-0460022
Patent Red Tide Organism Removal Reagent Containing Active in Zeolite Powders 2002-0027100 10-0460024
Patent Removal measure of Circulated Sequencing Batch Reactor with media containing zeolite for organic matters, nitrogen and phosphorus removal in sewage and wastewaters 2003-0020250 10-0465851
Patent System of circulated sequencing batch Reactor with media containing zeolite for organic matters, nitrogen and phosphorus removal in sewage and waste water 2003-0020249 10-0497810
Patent Golf Putting Practical Target ball 2005-129373 10-0726124
Patent The manufacturing process of media for wastewater treatment using carbonizing residue from sewage sludge carbonizing processes 2006-0010516 10-0712007
Patent Control apparatus for electrolytic sterilization system of ballast water of a ship 2006-0068536 10-0663332
Patent Management system of water for sea-fish nursery 2006-0102518 10-0675375
Patent Sterilizing system of drinking water using silver electrolysis 2006-0102265 10-0725658
Patent Apparatus for on-site treating night soil and waste water in vessels 2007-0041492 10-0745974
Patent Biotrickling filter system for bad smell and volatile organic compound treatment 2007-0014486 10-0781777
Patent Multi-layered adsorption tube for quantity of complicated volatile organic composite consisting small volume of ingredients and smelly substances and quantitative analysis using this tube 2006-0122781 10-0767996
Patent Apparatus of producing dissolved oxygen and hydrogen enriched drinking water 2008-0064240 10-0890604
Patent Generator of electro-analysised water 2010-0000947 30-0601865
Patent Hand Shower (Hands Washing equipment) 2009-0087686 10-01107047
Patent Method of methane purification using gas hydrate technique in biogas 2010-0001290 Under Examination
Patent Method of desalination using low energy Consumption and high efficiency hybrid technologies 2010-0004262 10-1199840
Patent Apparatus of electrolysis using bi-polar system 2010-0004262 10-1149803
Patent Wet Scrubber 2009-0040531 Under Examination
Patent Packed-bed Electro-Absorber for Removing Order 2009-0046821 10-0953839
Patent Hub for the agitator 2008-0007995 30-0723654
Patent Offensive odor treatment apparatus using liquid chemical 2013-0055575 Under Examination
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