Aquacell Media

Aquacell Media is formed by mixing environment-friendly
zeolite with polyethylene resin in 3-D structure that has much larger specific surface area and stronger adhesive power of
microorganisms than other media.
Treatment equipment can be compact with the large specific surface area.
The high porosity lowers pressure loss and reduces power costs.
High initial adhesion speed of microorganisms shortens start-up time.
The adhesive power of microorganisms is stronger and the growth rate of microorganisms is faster.
Environment-friendly materials (Zeolite, PE, etc.) used in Media are recyclable.
Characteristics of Aquacell media
Item Unit Aquacell media - CW
CW-SB type CW-SM type
1" 2" 1" 2"
Material PE + Zeolite
Size mm ø25.4 x H23 ø50 x H46 ø25 x H23 ø50 x H46
Specific Gravity - 1.17 ~ 1.2 1.17 ~ 1.2 0.99 ~ 1.02 0.99 ~ 1.02
Unit Surface Area ㎠/EA 74.93 176.49 74.93 176.49
Specific Surface Area ㎠/㎠ 500 270 500 270
Weight g/EA 4.2 20.9 4.0 19.5
Porosity - 0.82 0.84 0.82 0.84
All kind of Sewage Treatment System (Waste Water, Gray Water, River Water, etc.)
Microbiological & Chemical Deodorization Facilities
Photos for Microorganisms Adhesiveness Before / After Adopting Media
Before using Media
(No microbial adhesives)
After using Media
(Microorganism attached
Comparison of microbial media
Item Aquacell media(PE+Zeolite) Pall Ring Polyester non-woven fabric
Material Polyethylene(PE) + Zeolite Polypropylene Polyester
Specific surface area(㎠/㎠) 5.00 1.93 4.16
Porosity 0.8 0.73 0.97
Surface Roughness 30 7 15
Characteristics Advantage - The ability of microbial
  adhesion is excellent.
- It has a large specitic
  surface area and porosity
- Higher Durability & Longer
- The maintenance is easy
- The price is relatively cheap.
- Easy Maintenance.
- Light weight
- The initial cost is cheaper.
- The initial time required for
  microorganism adhesion
  is short.
Disadvantage - The initial cost is relatively
- Microbial adhesion is poor
  due to small specific surface
  area and surface roughness.
- The replacement cycle is
  frequent due to the short
- The processing perfomance
  is significantly degraded by
  sludge consolidation
  phenomena, if operated for
  a long time.
- The media is destroyed with
  a rapid pace of aging
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