Aquacell Electro-chemical Deodorizer

Unlike the existing chemical cleaning deodorizers
the Aquacell electrochemical deodorizers are environment-friendly in that they electrolyze salt water in order to remove/decompose bad odor and VOCs into harmless gases for emission without separate chemical injection.
It solves the safety problems caused from storage, breakage, leakage, etc., without handling the toxic chemicals directly.
Deodorization efficiency is maximized through electrolysis, as hypochlorous acid(HOCl) hypochlorite ions(OCl-) and OH radicals (˚OH)     are generated at the same time
The use of Aquacell media raises odor removal efficiency and enables the device to be compact.
Process Chart of Treatment
Electro-Chemical Deodorizer
Application(Odor Treatment)
Wastewater treatment plants
All sorts of sludges during the treatment process
Sewage treatment plants
Food waste treatment process
Waste landfills
Livestock wastewater disposal plants
Comparison of Odor Treatment Technologies
Item Electro-Chemical Deodorizer Chemical Deodorizer Biofilter
Principles, Item Using Hocℓ, NaOCℓ, OCℓ-generated from electrolysis of brine Removing contaminants through chemical reaction with acids or alkalis Using microorganisms packed in a media layer
Treatment Efficiency More than 98% 70 ~ 90% 80 ~ 90%
Initial Investment Costs Normal Normal Large
Maintenance Costs Small Normal Normal
Area of Installation Small Small Large
Operation and Maintenance Easy Easy SKilled driving techniques are required
Performance of Electrochemical Cleaning Deodorizer
Item Inlet Outlet Efficiency(%)
Complex Odor 14.422 448 96.89%
Ammonia 5.3 n.d 100%
Hydrogen Sulfide 354.4 n.d 100%
Methyl Mercaptan 1.304 n.d 100%
Dimethyl Sulfide 0.995 n.d 100%
Dimethyl Disulfide 0.515 n.d 100%
Trimethylamine 0.205 n.d 100%
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